10 Ideas to Catapooolt!

The tips below aren't meant to be the Getafix magic potion. There is no precise formula to a successful campaign and merely passion does not sell. However there are certain ways you can greatly improve your odds and ensure that you generate the maximum interest among the crowd. So here goes...

The Idea

Begin with one that does not merely appeal and excite you. Projects that have wider relevance to people in general stand a better chance at gaining a following. The idea is yours but ensure it is meant for others as well.

Decide your crowd

Who is this project meant for? Who have you thought of as your ideal target audience? Determining the target groups, communities, etc will go a long way in ensuring a focused campaign.

Do your Homework

People aren't going to fall for an idea that is not well researched even if it's a brilliant concept. Ensure that you have worked out your requirements and have precise goals. Contributors will need solid information to trust in you and your enterprise.

Who are you?

Well you have to clarify that before you expect contributions from absolute strangers. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn links are the web's ID proof these days. Press coverage (if any), links to previous works, recommendations from others are also strong ways to prove your credentials.

Fever Pitch

Yes, the pitch is the single most critical aspect of your campaign. Your profile will have the text pitch of your project of course but what really stands out is an audio-visual presentation. Not the .ppt kind but a short video (not more than 5 minutes), where you provide a visual pitch of your project. This is where you can truly impress them with your passion, creativity and earnestness. You don't need to be a pro to shoot the video; a decent quality cell phone shot video will suffice as long as you get your point across. Content over technology is the key here. Look around the web or the Catapooolt FB page to find some innovative pitch videos.

Melodrama Wins

Don't exaggerate but engaging the emotions of your target audience is the best way to hook them. Connecting emotionally is perhaps the only magic trick to a good pitch. Don't underestimate the power of humour as well.

Work the Network

Your social circle, both online and offline are your best bets for funding your idea. This is where your FB friends and Twitter followers truly come in handy. Use their networks as well to spread the word about your project. Use your community affiliations to generate as much as interest as possible. Realize social media is the future of marketing. The big guys use it; it is advisable you start too.

Engage and not sell

Nobody usually likes random adverts asking for money for anything. Don't hawk your project but creatively engage people through some interesting wording or visual content. Try not coming cross requesting for donations but contributions. Understand the subtle difference and pitch your idea accordingly across your networks.

Offer something Cool

Contributors are really doing you a favour when they fund your idea. Return the favour with a cool reward related to your project. Some merchandise or privilege that is unique to your project. You may simply offer the DVD of your film on completion or you can offer a limited edition DVD with a hand drawn jacket cover. Try offering a special experience of your project in return for a contribution. Make the contributor feel valued and regarded for his/her involvement.

Keep the lines Open

Creators remember that your job's not done with simply posting the pitch or project on the platform. Ensure that you sustain the interest of contributors and the potential ones by regularly updating the status of your project. Upload videos, pictures, demos, etc to show that you are on track and not simply blowing the funds away in a beach at Goa. Add your contributors to your social network. Communicate with them, discuss, share and involve them if possible in your project. You never know, a simple suggestion by a contributor might suddenly help you overcome that writer's block. Try to build a long lasting relationship that continues for future projects as well. Try to ensure the speedy delivery of your rewards after a successful campaign. If for some reason, it is delayed, let your contributors know the reason. Rest assured they will understand more than if you simply keep delaying without offering the causes. Above all remember to thank your contributors generously. The above pointers might just make your life simpler if you can follow them. Again these are recommendations and not guarantees. The Catapooolt team will be there to guide you on your campaign but we can only show the door. It's you who has to choose to go or not go through it.