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Add accessibility to your websites in one line of code

By: Anand Chowdhary

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Project Goal : $ 1,550 USD

Amount Funded : $ 1,650 USD | 106.45%

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It is an accessibility technology company that has build a website add-on, Agastya. With Agastya, you can add accessibility features for people who are differently abled — like the dyslexic, the visually impaired or blind, and senior citizens, all automatically, without writing a single line of code. Based on research by the W3C, British Dyslexia Association, and Oswald Foundation, Agastya is used on over 200,000 pages every month. It allows users to customize the font size, face, and contrast for a comfortable reading experience, and has modes like “Dyslexia-friendly Mode”, built-in translation is 100+ languages, and reads aloud your website for people who are blind or illiterate.

With research from the W3C and the British Dyslexic Association and support from the world’s only accelerator program for living with blindness, our product is the world’s first end-to-end accessibility solution for the web and has over 200,000 monthly pages from our beta testers.

Features include:

Typography: Allows users to customize the font size, face, and contrast for a comfortable reading experience.

Images: Automatically adds ALT tags to images using advanced image recognition captions.

Content: Reads out the main content of a webpage to a blind or illiterate user using speech synthesis.

Cross-platform: Works perfectly on desktop browsers, smartphones, in-app browsers and with screen readers.

Target a larger audience:

Dyslexia: For people with dyslexia or similar learning disorders, Agastya includes the Open Dyslexic typeface and a black-on-yellow colour combination for easier reading.

Visual Impairment: For people who can't see perfectly, Agastya has options to increase and decrease the font size or change the font family and colour combinations based on their preferences.

Blue Light Filter: For reading after sunset, Agastya has a Sepia mode that filters out blue light and has a reddish-brown colour combination for reduced eye strain, just like the f.lux application.

AutoALT: For people using screen readers, Agastya automatically adds ALT tags and ARIA labels to all images on a webpage using advanced deep learning-based image recognition.

Translation: For people who can't read a webpage's language, Agastya comes built-in with the Google Website.

Translator widget for seamless content translation in over a hundred languages.

Developer API: For web developers, Agastya comes with a powerful API with which all these and more features can be controlled using JavaScript and custom accessibility widgets can be built.

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